KleverMIND® is a state-of-the-art Transport Mobility solution provider where it can handle every aspect of the business in an optimized manner. Currently delivering Mobility-as-a-service at Scale.

Why KleverMIND®?

Because KleverMIND believes Automation can make your entire business life cycle easy and efficient.

Business Transportation Solutions

KleverMIND is one of the pioneers in providing Business Transportation Solutions across India. We provide safe and compliant transportation solutions to large corporates with zero capital investment by them.

Employee Transportation Management

The traditional employee transportation model is changing rapidly and KleverMIND is leading this disruption through innovation.

Mobility Solutions

End to end mobility solution (for your fleet/logistic management) planned & priced in advance gives you greater control and better visibility across your business.

Vendor Solution

Separate Vendor management system where vendor can handle its trips and vehicles in an efficient manner through tehchnolgy.

Billing System

Our billing solution promotes a simple and efficient billing process, but it can automate such highly complex billing systems. It leverages a highly configurable rule engine to allow configuring complex billing models and rules.


The Realtime location monitoring helps to know the vehicle's exact location, speed monitoring, driver acceptance of routes, rules violation, panic alarm monitoring.


Fast and efficient dispatching of vehicles through automatic allocation of nearest vehicle and trip assignation.

Why do you need KleverMIND in your life? ...

KleverMIND is one of the pioneers in providing Business Transportation Solutions across India. We provide safe and compliant transportation solutions to large corporates with zero capital investment by them, which lets them focus on their core areas of business, leaving the operational hassles to us. We, at KleverMIND, provide custom-fit end-to-end solutions offering great mobility in all dimensions. Safety, Economy, Comfort and Promptness are our key focus areas to help your employees commute to and from work safe and happy. With our presence all across the country, we specialize in catering to the needs of diversified sectors having large employee population such as BPOs, KPOs, IT and Telecom, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing Plants and Production Houses.

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Provide End-to-end Transportation Solution
Support Ad-hoc Transport & Events
State-of-the-art Technology with GPS Support
Customized MIS & Billing
Safe Travel Experience

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What we offer

KleverMind® is creating a digital mobility ecosystem to resolve the bottlenecks faced by the user in the area of transportation. Artificial intelligence is changing the shape of businesses and we truly understand the importance of it. We make sure to offer in-depth analysis and unparalleled security services.

  • RealTime Tracking

    Track and locate your vehicle in real time on a single screen.

  • Create Geo-fences and routes

    Geo-fencing allows you to get automatic alerts/notifications when any defined fence is breached.

  • Route Optimization

    This feature helps you optimize your route and create right stops through geofencing technology.

  • Push & Notifications

    Get instant alerts/notifications when any of your vehicle exceeds pre-defined speed limit, SOS alarms, engine on/off etc.

  • Unified Device Integration

    This feature provides the ability to integrate and control multiple devices available in the network.

  • User Safety

    KleverSync® ensures end-to-end security of the user is taken care of.

  • History & Reports

    View past history of locations and also download reports in different formats.

  • Group Monitoring

    Monitor a group of vehicles on a single platform.