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KleverMind™ is a Indian leader in Mobility security solutions provider by enabling APP-to-APP and APP-TO-WEB Mobility solutions and platform to power the Internet of Things (IoT).

Why KleverMind?

Because ,We are providing you all the information on one single screen. Your safety is in your hands, well literally. Everything on a single touch


KleverMind's varied family of sophisticated tracking solutions combined with our powerful yet intuitive Apps and Web platforms ensure everybody can benefit.

Klever Sync®

KleverSync® is a proximity technology through which automated attendance can be done.

Advanced Features

KleverMind provides lots of advanced features i.e automated stop alerts,unified device integration,automated attendance system and much more...

Why do you need tracking in your life? ...

The idea of using technology to track humans is repulsive to some. Having your movements tracked and recorded means no privacy but using technology to track can’t always be boiled down to creepy sci-fi movie. Rather, this type of human tracking technology could be beneficial to the way we lead our life, travel, consume products, run our business and even care for our family.

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Time utilization 80%
Security 90%
Self Assurance 70%

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What we offer

KleverMind is creating a digital mobility ecosystem to resolve the bottlenecks faced by the user in the area of transportation.Artificial intelligence is changing the shape of businesses and we truly understand the importance of it.We make sure to offer in-depth analysis and unparalleled security services.

  • RealTime Tracking

    Track and locate your vehicle in real time without any trouble.

  • Android/iOS App

    Whenever any of the fleet crosses the set speed limit, you will get notified through instant speed alert.

  • Speed Alerts

    Whenever any of the fleet crosses the set speed limit, you will get notified through instant speed alert.

  • Intelligent-Dispatching

    When there are multiple vehicles, route optimization is only one piece of the puzzle. The second piece is automatically dispatching the stops to the right vehicle. KleverMind not only optimizes routes but before that it assigns them to the best matched vehicles.

  • Unified Device Integration

    Unified Device Management provides the ability to manage and control multitude of devices available in the network.

  • Geofencing

    Geo-fencing allows to get automatic alerts/SMS when that fence is breached.

  • User Safety


  • Paperless Billing